JAVN Electrics is committed to the health and safety of its personnel, contractors and the public and it is a condition of employment that this policy is actively supported. Our goal is to achieve and maintain the highest standards in Occupational Health and Safety, as measured by our clients, industry peers and government regulators.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy
Support our personnel and contractors in their efforts to improve health and safety in the workplace.

All levels of management are responsible for providing leadership, direction and resources to ensure we maintain a safe work environment.

A safe work environment is a direct responsibility of our supervisors. They must ensure our personnel are trained and have the necessary accreditations and that our Health Safety and environmental policies and procedures are enforced.

Personnel and contractors engaged by JAVN have the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that will protect themselves and all personnel from injury.

Communicate openly and actively engage personnel in Health Safety and Environment issues and or improvements.

JAVN Personnel and its contractors are informed of their obligations under this policy.
Our environmental commitment is to use resources and energy efficiently and to minimise waste.

To reuse and recycle in order to reduce our company environmental foot print.
To continually improve our HSE standards and to ensure we achieve a safe, harmonious and incident free work place.

Our Compliance with all relevant government regulations is considered the minimum acceptable standard.

JAVN Electrics is committed to safety. We are dedicated to ensure the following criteria are followed and achieved:

  • Early hazard identification, safeguards and controls
  • Personnel education training
  • Safety and protection of personnel
  • Prevention of incidents and accidents
  • Implementation of appropriate corrective and preventative actions
  • Manage risk - Investigate, report and record to prevent
  • All HS&E goals, strategies and management plans are implemented and achieved
  • Personnel compliance to our internal HS&E policies
  • Compliance with site specific safety requirements, codes of practice and legislation
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HS&E Policy

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